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Advisor Solutions

In the financial advisory domain, success hinges on the ability to deliver personalized and data-driven advice that meets clients' unique financial goals. Coforge's Advisor Solutions are meticulously crafted to elevate your advisory practice and enable you to deliver superior client experiences.

  • Customizable Desktops: Imagine a fully customizable desktop that aggregates real-time market data, economic indicators, and client portfolio details – all in one place. Coforge has created desktop solutions tailored to fit seamlessly into your workflow, allowing you to access critical information, analyze market trends, and make informed investment decisions swiftly.
  • Advisor Productivity Tools: Our domain experts have developed advanced analytics tools that leverage artificial intelligence to simplify data analysis, research, and reporting. These tools equip financial advisors with actionable insights, enabling them to optimize portfolio performance and provide valuable advice to clients promptly.
  • Wealth Portals for Client Engagement: Engaging and retaining clients is essential for sustainable growth. Coforge has worked with partners to create wealth portals offering an interactive and personalized digital experience, strengthening the relationship between advisors and their clients. Clients gain real-time access to portfolio performance, educational resources, and secure messaging, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Portfolio Proposals: With our partners, we have developed solutions to evaluate portfolio proposals, assessing performance based on return and risk factors while being as tax-efficient as possible.
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