Tax and Settlement Support Services

Current/delinquent tax information

  • Calling to verify current and delinquent tax information on a property. We also verify tax sale and bankruptcy information.

Property tax search

  • Quick and real-time search to determine the current status of real estate taxes against a property.

Municipal lien search

  • Research to discover unrecorded municipal liens, water and sewer, code violations, special assessments, utility, and open or expired permits issues that are associated with residential or commercial real estate.

Real time property tax certificates

  • Certificates for property tax, water/sewer and municipal code violations in solutions.

Tax, water sewer & municipal code violations

  • Nationwide real-time property tax and municipal lien certificates at the click of a button.
    Avoid costly penalties from outstanding property taxes, code violations, etc.

End to end tax services (residential/commercial)

  • Provides end to end tax services for commercial/residential loans in solutions
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