A technology-enabled platform for accurate & accelerated property title search reports like
current owner search, two owner search, full search to help title agents & underwriters achieve:

70% faster property title searches

Outclass competition by delivering reports in 2 hours*.

20% reduced operational cost

Manage operational costs with highly competitive pricing.

100% coverage across U.S.

Increase market penetration across the country.

Powered by 20+ years of industry experience, SmartProp® is a web-based platform that is integrated with leading title platforms e.g. Resware, RealEC & EPN

*Conditions apply

SmartProp® reports include:

Business impact delivered

50% quicker property search reports using SmartProp®

  • Reduced turn-time:
    • To 4.3 days from 2 weeks for batches 
    • To 1.2 days from 3 days for regular orders
  • Customized reports 
  • Flat pricing offered for batches

99% of high-volume (4,000+) batches completed on time using SmartProp®

  • Exceeded Turn time requirements
    • 99% high-volume batches delivered in 2-3 weeks based on batch size (vs. 95% target)
    • Regular volumes - 95% within 3 days
  • Batch flat pricing by SLK to enable easy cost tracking 
  • Customized reports - included foreclosure information


In addition to SmartProp, our other solutions include: