An innovative platform that offers end to end property tax tracking and reporting by combining the latest in
technology, decades of industry experience and personalized customer contact services to help lenders
get maximum visibility and control in their portfolios.

99.999% accuracy in tax payment processing

Avoid penalties on loan portfolios with accurate tax data.

99.01% adherence to SLA for timely response

Eliminate risk of property loss with rigorous tax tracking & reporting with revalidation.

customer services

Resolve questions quickly with multi-channel access to tax experts & ticket tracking system.

RETS has the ability to integrate with almost any servicing platform both for residential and commercial loan servicing. We currently integrate with 7 loan servicing systems via a file share or API with no additional cost to the customer.

RETS has delivered sustained ROI to several top U.S. lenders, including 2 of the top 5
U.S. commercial/multifamily mortgage servicers.

RETS includes critical services in property tax servicing:

Business impact delivered

Achieving 99.999% accuracy in commercial tax payment processing using RETS

  • 99.999% accuracy in tax payment processing: Claims of only $3,875 on total paid out of $403M
  • Proactive avoidance of penalties: 99.1% of parcels reported 10 days before economic loss date
  • Lower pricing: 20% lower than competition

Eliminating tax penalties by enhanced tax reporting using RETS

  • Helped eliminate late tax penalties - 3% penalties avoided for the whole portfolio
  • Enhanced reporting to flag records that needed additional review to avoid penalties


In addition to RETS our other solutions include: