Our professionals annually support:
  • Processing of over
    12M documents
  • Data verification/ QC
    of 9M documents
  • Over 2.3M
    contact center calls

Business impact delivered

Improved accuracy and efficiency of quality audits of disbursements for property insurance

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating manual steps in workflow management
  • Improve accuracy in audits
  • Manage data & report audit results efficiently through a centralized platform

Testing 100% of hazard insurance changes 20X faster with 100% accuracy with Copasys

  • 45 minutes to 3 minutes for non-participating flood test (20X faster)
  • 30 minutes to 3 minutes for flood zone change (20X faster)


Our professionals annually support:
  • Over 5M inbound
    and outbound calls
  • 3.6M email
    customer requests
  • Master data de-duplication
    of 1.2M customer records