Why AR technology is necessary for IT Remote Support in your business

While most people are somewhat familiar with virtual reality (VR), most are less aware of the idea of augmented reality (AR). Through the use of a VR gadget that the user wears, virtual reality is an entirely immersive experience that isolates the viewer from the actual world. A smartphone camera is frequently used in augmented reality to add digital components to a live scene. Mixed reality (MR) incorporates elements of both augmented and virtual reality to enable interaction between physical and digital things.

A growing number of companies are beginning to adopt augmented reality technology to help with remote technical support for both employees and clients. There are more and more technical problems that need to be promptly and easily fixed as a result of the current rapid pace of technological advancement.

By overlaying visual instructions onscreen, augmented reality technology helps to tackle this issue by guiding consumers and staff members through the troubleshooting procedure in real time. Additionally, the requirement for an IT specialist to come to the location is eliminated thanks to the ability to quickly communicate from anywhere in the world, saving time and money.

How augmented reality technology boosts tech assistance

The IT team can defy physical boundaries and can resolve technical difficulties as quickly as possible to maintain employee satisfaction and productivity. Using the smartphone camera of our employees, augmented reality gives the IT support team the virtual eye and can intervene and save the day. The capability that augmented reality camera technology gives support function to virtually send an IT administrator to any location on the planet to provide customer support is one of the biggest advantages. The IT administrator can directly view the problem and provide remote visual assistance with the aid of the user’s phone camera. The IT professional can then clearly demonstrate to the device using the procedures that must be taken in order to resolve their issue. One of the major challenges in delivering remote IT tech help is frequently a lack of communication. IT staff members no longer have to rely solely on the customer's description of the issue because of augmented reality technology. Visual confirmation of the issue's resolution on both sides helps avoid the need for additional support calls to address the same problem.

By enabling the IT administrator to walk the client or employee through the precise troubleshooting steps necessary to solve the issue, AR technology removes any obstacles. This can be done by including 3D annotations in the image that the client or worker is viewing. It appears as though the IT specialist is physically there in the same room as the users, regardless of where they are located in the world.


Your IT staff can easily and rapidly interact with employees to troubleshoot tech issues for smartphones using augmented reality remote support software. View what their smartphone camera sees while they draw, add text, or tag actual items in the real world using 3D markers. Effectively collaborate by helping others through troubleshooting, device setup, or maintenance operations without leaving any room for guesswork—just as if your IT admin were actually present.

Set up your company such that it can react quickly to urgent crises without compromising the quality of its client service. Additionally, organizations can save money by avoiding the expenses of device downtime and onsite IT support.