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Using Salesforce Genie to make every part of Customer 360 Journey More Automated, Intelligent, and Real-Time

What is Salesforce Genie:

Think back to the time when you needed help with a product or service you purchased.

Remember how you needed to talk the customer service agent through your purchase history just to get support?   Shouldn’t that customer service agent have had instant, real-time access to all that information, and been able to personalize your experience specifically to you?

 Responding to customer needs in real-time has never been more critical but is becoming more challenging as the amount of data created, captured, replicated, and consumed each year is expected to more than double within the next three to four years.

 Salesforce Genie the latest innovation from Salesforce, is a real-time platform that integrates data sources from different systems, channels, and interactions into a real-time perspective of each customer. By harmonizing data that is updated in real-time, the platform enables businesses to connect and update their customers in real time, providing seamless, highly personalized, impactful customer experiences across service, sales, commerce, and marketing, spanning every industry.

 Salesforce Genie runs on Hyperforce, Salesforce's public cloud infrastructure. Hyperforce provides data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls, with built-in data ethics features that govern data and increase consumer trust.

 How does Salesforce Genie work:

Salesforce Genie sits at the core of the Customer 360 platform. The Salesforce platform’s integration of Salesforce Genie improves access to real-time data across all clouds. Here is how Salesforce Genie works:

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  • Connecting all the data: Businesses previously struggled to gather data from multiple data sources to get a 360-degree view in real-time. The platform can now get more real-time data from outside sources, and Salesforce Genie provides multiple ways to connect with customer data in real time to get a 360-degree view. Salesforce Genie has built-in connectors that bring in data from any source, including Salesforce apps, mobile, web, connected devices, and even from legacy systems with MuleSoft and historical data from proprietary data lakes, in real-time.
  • Harmonizing the data: Salesforce Genie transforms and harmonizes the data into a unified view of your customer. Salesforce Genie harmonizes and stores your customer data at a massive scale, and transforms it into a single, dynamic, source of truth: the real-time customer graph.
  • Engaging the data to put it to work for you: Resolving identities is one of the core functions of Salesforce Genie, enabling businesses to have a single, comprehensive profile for each customer. Salesforce Genie accomplishes this by storing all this data using a lakehouse architecture. This makes it easier to categorize and organize the unstructured data that businesses need and rely on. The result is that Salesforce Genie can access all this data more quickly and put it to work for you.
  • Creating the greatest Experience: Salesforce Genie integrates data from many channels into customer profiles and prioritizes privacy with built-in compliance. Salesforce Genie can resolve all that data so that you are no longer looking at each customer through a narrow lens. Instead of treating each customer as a transaction, you treat it as a person. This makes it simple to personalize the experience for every customer.

Key scenarios showing the business impact of Salesforce Genie:

Salesforce Genie makes every cloud and industry solution automated, intelligent, and real-time:

  • To track sales activity, conversations, and offerings, Sales agents require the right information in real time. Sales Cloud Genie enables the sales agent to track each logged information that is tagged with any potential opportunity in real-time with recommendations and predictions to tackle your lead in a better way.
  • You call customer service about a problem you are having with a product. Service Cloud Genie triggers an automatic action pausing all marketing and sales interactions with you until your problem is resolved.
  • Marketers can deliver personalized messages across channels that adapt to customer activity across various brand properties in real-time. An example of this is a personalized offer on a website a consumer is browsing changes instantly because of something he/she just clicked in a marketing email. Because the company uses Marketing Cloud Genie, that offer now is more relevant to him/her than the one he/she would otherwise be looking at, convincing him/her to go ahead and make a purchase.
  • Retailers can leverage Commerce Cloud Genie to build tailored shopper experiences that adapt to real-time customer actions, including abandoned shopping carts or actions taken on a website or mobile app. A classic example of this is when a shopper loses his/her credit card and reports it stolen and someone else attempts to make a purchase using the stolen card but is blocked immediately because the merchant uses Commerce Cloud Genie and receives up-to-the-second alerts.
  • Using Tableau Genie, businesses can monitor KPIs in real-time to take appropriate and corrective action across the business, including real-time purchase traffic for marketing.
  • With Salesforce Genie, Einstein AI and Flow automation services can harness the power of hyperscale real-time data to enable more dynamic and responsive actions and engagement. Einstein, which generates over 175 billion predictions every day, can now deliver personalization and predictions based on real-time data. Flow automation, which saves customers over 100 billion hours every month, can now use real-time data to trigger actions automatically.


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