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The Anypoint Expedia Connector Developed by Coforge

Expedia is an online travel portal that facilitates the search for flights, hotels, cars, and holiday packages. Expedia has a huge partner and affiliate network that makes it a powerful presence in the online travel sector. With more than 43% of its revenues generated internationally, Expedia is one of the most used travel portals in the world. Expedia Inc.’s companies operate over 100 branded points of sale in more than 60 countries. It also powers travel bookings for over 10,000 partners such as airlines, hotels, consumer brands, and high-traffic websites through the Expedia Affiliate Network, 80% of which are powered by their API.

What is Anypoint Connector?

Anypoint Connectors™ allow you to easily integrate Mule applications with third-party APIs using standard integration protocols. Use connectors within your application flows to send and receive data using a protocol or specific API. Connect message sources like endpoints and connectors in MuleSoft’s ecosystem, or use dynamic connectivity to API specifications.

Coforge Anypoint Connectors

Coforge builds reusable connectors using the Anypoint Connector DevKit. These connectors are pre-built generic connectors with a standardised protocol, transport layer, and database. They have the ability to connect quickly with thousands of REST and SOAP APIs. Anypoint Connectors are automatically bundled with Anypoint Studio, and there is a large library of additional connectors available for download from MuleSoft's Anypoint Exchange.

The Expedia Connector built by Coforge

Until now, search operations on Expedia have been done through their website only. The Anypoint Expedia Connector developed by Coforge can be connected to any endpoint from MuleSoft’s ecosystem, or by using dynamic connectivity to API specifications. This Expedia Connector allows users to search flights, cars, hotels, and packages. It uses APIs provided by Expedia using the RESTful interface. The Expedia Connector has been certified by MuleSoft and is published on the MuleSoft Exchange

How Coforge’ Expedia Connector helps businesses

  • It allows users to search for cars and get information about the rental car inventory offered by Expedia.
  • It allows users to search for flights and get availability and pricing for origination and destination airports along with travel dates.
  • The connector can be used to get diverse sets of real-time flight results for a given search criteria (involving origination and destination).
  • Users are able to get historic price trends and future price predictions for flights.

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