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TechCon 2022- The Annual Technology Conference of Coforge

The company geared up for the Metaverse and Web 3 revolution

TechCon is Coforge’s annual technology conference designed to facilitate collaborative learning and shared experiences around emerging technologies. It provides an opportunity for all to showcase their talent in diverse technologies and also brings together the latest technology trends, use cases, and opportunities. Coforge organized the annual technical conference 2022 on Aug 22-23. The theme for TechCon 2022 was Engage with the Emerging. Engage in Metaverse.

TechCon 2022 was an amazing and unique experience. It was held in a hybrid format with attendees joining in-person at the Greater Noida campus auditorium and virtually on the Virbela metaverse platform. For the virtual experience, employees created their avatars and joined the Virbela campus which had an auditorium, the bootcamp session rooms, information center, expo hall, gallery, beach area and amazing views to explore.


To start with, a Scavenger Hunt was organized in the Virbela platform. The event was then inaugurated with a recorded message from Sudhir Singh, CEO, Coforge followed by an introductory note on Metaverse and its possibilities from John Speight, Chief Delivery Officer, Coforge, and Mukund Garg, EVP, Global Delivery, Coforge. Craig Kaplan, Chief Customer Officer presented a keynote session on the topic ‘Transforming Enterprise Operations in the Metaverse’.

There were also impressive keynote sessions from Munish Dhiman, CEO (Gesture Research) and Sandeep Alur, Director, (Microsoft Technology Center) on Metaverse and Web 3 - Redefining Experiences.

Prior to TechCon 2022, the digital horizontal team ran a hackathon virtually and shortlisted finalists to present at the event. There were wonderful presentations by the Hackathon finalist teams - MetaAdvisor, Meta Marketplace, Health Anywhere, and Ready Player. They show-cased Metaverse-based use cases applicable to various industries with demos based on their work over weeks prior to the Techcon.

During the breaks, the Participants attended the 25+ virtual booths set up by various teams across all the verticals and horizontals on the Virbela platform. These booth stalls had varied themes like Metaverse, AI, Data security, Blockchain etc. The stalls were esthetically set up to capture everyone’s attention. Even the Galley had captivating content related to latest trends and the articles or posts related to emerging trends in metaverse and related technologies.

The day 1 ended with a panel discussion on the topic –“How emerging technologies would affect the future of user experience”. This discussion was moderated by John Speight. Sanjeev Prasad, Ashok Shetty and Munish Dhiman were the key members in the discussion.

All the events were streamed live on YouTube and all the sessions that were held in physical auditorium was also casted live in the auditorium in the Event campus in Virbela platform for the benefit of the people attending the event virtually.

Day II was another exciting action-packed day. It commenced with a keynote session from Manikandan Chandrasekaran, Chief Technologist/Principal Architect, (AWS) on Metaverse: State of tech and possibilities followed by a Masterclass from Yogish K Pai, AWS on ‘Metaverse: AWS Gaming Services’. Both the sessions were engaging and interesting and gave the audience a good understanding of how AWS is placed in the world of Metaverse.

After the break, there were two more insightful masterclasses on ‘Metaverse: Hype, Reality and Road Ahead’ by Sandeep Alur and ‘Your Virtual World on the Web – FrameVR’ by Ravneet J. Kaur.

Post lunch the teams attended break-out sessions for bootcamps on ‘Hedera Hashgraph’, ‘ERC-721 & NFT using Ethereum’, ‘Behavioural & Emotional AI’, ‘The metaverse explained’ and ‘Creating Virtual meeting in AltSpace’.The sessions were held parallely by area experts from Coforge.

TechCon 2022 ended with Rewards & recognition for Hackathon participating and winning teams. The event also comprised of TechTalks and panel discussions with technology experts on the topic ‘How Metaverse is impacting industries across various sectors’. The experts also answered queries from the audience and made each and every one more aware on how metaverse is impacting the industries.

An official photo shoot was arranged for the event and participants attended the event. This photograph was also taken on the Virbela platform where the avatars of the attendees can be seen. Lastly vote of thanks was given by Mukund Garg to thank all the organizing and participating members. Such an event was never seen before in Coforge’s history. Coforge aims to be at the forefront of the immersive experience, real-time presence, decentralised control, and possibilities metaverse and Web3 offer. Coforge has already entered a partnership with industry players like Virbela, Hedera, and R3 for their metaverse and Web3 offerings and has more partnerships in the pipeline.

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