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Supercharge your Salesforce capabilities with the power of Pega Case Management

Combine Salesforce and Pega to Extend and Reinforce Your Investment

Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level

Regardless of how advanced you are in your digital transformation journey, connecting with all of your customers, partners, processes, and products is never an easy task. Yes, every effort that you’ve made so far is a valuable step forward in driving optimal customer engagement, and prior Salesforce customer service investments are always worthwhile.

But, as many enterprises have discovered, scaling across a wide array of mission-critical processes, channels, and operations can demand an extra set of ingredients. In today’s challenging and rapidly evolving global environment, teams require increased levels of process efficiency and cost-reduction to deliver performance. Meanwhile, customers continue to demand seamless experiences.

Delivering the outcomes that both of these parties expect is essential, requiring intelligent, seamless front- and back-end processes that improve customer engagement and enterprise operations at once. This is where Pega comes in.

Pega can augment, extend, and reinforce your Salesforce deployment to help you drive greater results while slashing costs. By combining the end-to-end automation and features offered by the two, you can deliver truly connected customer experiences that reach across all of your interactions, touchpoints, business lines, and clouds.

How a Salesforce Case Management System Can Help Your Business Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

A case is a record of an assessment, question or complication with a client. Cases can be used to document and resolve customer issues at a large scale. You can quickly and easily create, edit, locate and view cases using the case tab. Your customers can also create cases on your Customer Portal, Self-Service portal, or Chatter Answers.

Key Benefits

  • Centralization: Customer support interactions can be tracked from one place.
  • Integration: Combine case information with existing knowledge bases or Salesforce Knowledge to address cases faster and more effectively.
  • Streamline: Set up automatic case escalation and workflow tasks to enhance business processes.

Cases Can be Created in a Number of ways:

  • Your administrator can configure Web-to-Case, Email-to-case or On-Demand Email-to-case to automatically capture your website’s case and email customers.
  • Your customers can log their own cases from a community, Customer Portal, Self-Service portal, or Chatter Answers.
  • You can create cases manually from the Cases tab, the Cases related list, or, depending on how your administrator has set up your organization, in the feed on record detail pages.
  • You can escalate unanswered or uncertain questions into new cases if you have an answers community.

Salesforce’s one-dimensional case management.

    Illustration: Salesforce’s one-dimensional case management.

Using Pega’s Multi-Dimensional Case Management Capabilities

Effectively remedying challenges, increasing operational efficiency, and providing seamless experiences means automating much more than service issue routing alone. It requires a full optimization of the actual work within a case, regardless of how long or sophisticated the process is.

With Pega, a case isn’t just a one-dimensional ticket that sends work through your organization; a case acts as the multi-dimensional framework of Pega’s core architecture. It enables the orchestration and execution of work itself (with less manual work). Cases are capable of adjusting to the dimensions of your business, such as the regions you operate in, the products you sell, and the channels and types of customers you engage with. Pega’s multi-dimensional case management expands and adapts with customer and agent micro journeys to deliver cross industrial insight.

Rather than having to create duplicate and disconnected case versions for each area of your business, Pega streamlines everything for you within a common enterprise model. Patented Situational Layer CakeTM architecture factors in the many dimensions of complex organizations, laying the groundwork with common elements and allowing administrators to customize as they see fit. Extending your existing Salesforce deployment with Pega means getting the ability to facilitate, reuse, and rein in complexity as business processes and regulations change over time.

Salesforce Service Cloud and its Major Benefits

Customer satisfaction is an important consideration for every business, so it’s no wonder why Salesforce Service Cloud has become so popular. This cloud-based customer service platform helps businesses better provide customer support, streamlining processes and connecting with customers in a meaningful way.

Salesforce Service Cloud helps businesses improve their standards with reduced costs and enhanced customer support. It’s Artificial Intelligence and automation enables users to close deals faster, while intelligent self-service and customized interaction tools go even further in the way of client convenience.

Salesforce upgrades your current case management with great capabilities, including:

  • AI Tone Detection and Recognition Technology - A combination of automation and AI tone detection technologies enables high priority cases to be rerouted to the top of the queue and resolved faster.
  • Field Service Connectivity - If your business has mobile agents out in the field, then field service is a must. Service Cloud’s Field Service connects mobile agents to customers and the Service Cloud with ease.
  • Self-Service Community for Customers and Agents - Create a self-service community where customers can interact with each other to ask and answer questions themselves, and give service agents extra time for other tasks.
  • In-Depth Customer Insight with Service Analytics: Enjoy complete, real-time visibility into your cases and child cases. Service Analytics is supported by Einstein Discovery, which can analyze millions of data combinations in minutes and report back with reasons behind patterns and behavior.
  • Integration with Existing Tools and Apps: Do you rely on other apps and tools for sales and service, or use a back-end system that’s native to your business? Service Cloud can fully integrate with external apps and tools to create a seamless workflow in any case.
  • Support from Anywhere: The Salesforce Service Cloud platform can assist customers from anywhere, anytime. The mobile app can also help employees perform actions from their mobile phones whenever needed.
  • Eliminated Coding: A simple screen configuration for REST calls that improves process efficiency.

Some interesting success stories:


Deploy Directly Within Your Salesforce Lightning Environment

Pega makes integration with your existing Salesforce investments and non-Salesforce infrastructure easy. With Pega Process Extender for Salesforce Lightning (available as a free download from the Pega MarketplaceTM), you can quickly integrate Pega capabilities with your Salesforce deployment to start driving better customer experiences right away.

Pega Process Extender for Salesforce provides both front-end and API-level integration to Salesforce orgs, enabling Salesforce applications to:

  • Create, manage and automate Pega cases throughout their lifecycle.
  • Drive desktop automation with Pega robotics.
  • Access Pega cases through the Salesforce interface.

Pega Process Extender leverages Pega’s DX API to directly update cases in the Pega platform in real time – without the need for third-party integration software. The result?

A Unified Software Environment With an Excellent User Experience.

   Illustration: Salesforce infused with Pega with complaint case examples.

Running Pega Inside Salesforce Lightning

Once you’ve integrated Pega Process Extender for Salesforce Lightning, dispatching is very straightforward. The following is an up-close look at a sample case process:

  1. Create a new case or open an existing one on the Salesforce Lightning screen that contains the Pega Process Extender component.
  2. The Process Extender will use Pega’s Digital Experience API to render your Salesforce Lightning screen with Pega’s user interface and business logic rules.
  3. You will be guided through additional case stages in the Process Extender while the Pega PlatformTM handles processing on the back-end.
  4. The Pega Platform will route the case to other agents to perform additional work if necessary. These agents can also access the case in Salesforce via the Process Extender component.
  5. The case’s progress is tracked and resolved with Salesforce and executed using Pega’s business rules.

Salesforce Case Management’s functionalities empower users to record, track and solve customer issues across sales, service and support domains hassle-free. It offers them the ability to create cases either from an email (email to case), from a web form (web to case), or manually with licenses of internal support/service users logged into Salesforce. Queued case management and custom assignment and escalation rules go a step further to streamline processes and maximize the tool’s value. All of these elements come together to create a solution that any organization, big or small, can take advantage of in providing its customers and support staff with the best experience possible.

Better Together: Take Pega Further and Boost ROI With Salesforce

  • The World’s #1 CRM - Integrated platform, AI, app development, best-in-class apps.
  • Single Source of Truth - Connect sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT, personalize experiences.
  • Fast Time-to-Value - Easy design and implementation at speed with high ROI.
  • Scalable and Flexible - Solutions for companies or industries of any size.
  • Trailblazer Success and Community - 96% of customers say they met or exceeded ROI expectations.

Failing to close necessary gaps means having to continue paying for opportunity costs you can go without. The reality is that addressing missing functionality, lost revenue opportunities, decreased user productivity, and inability to transition non-Salesforce processes to less expensive, self-service channels is easier than you may think. Pega has demonstrated proven results for enterprise organizations just like yours.

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