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Strengthen Governance with Data Governance Services

Strengthen Governance with Data Governance Services

Enterprises in their eagerness to go digital and modernize their data platforms, often overlook the challenges of sustaining new systems. An IT environment nimble enough to adopt new technologies and powered by robust data governance is key to achieving desired outcomes. A data governance program brings together processes & practices, roles & responsibilities to focus on managing data quality, data stewardship, and master data management for the organization. 

Data Governance is an important aspect that needs to be considered as part of any business transformation initiative: 

Is your enterprise equipped to: 

  • Govern traditional and modern cloud-based data platforms across the various processes and touchpoints? 
  • Process raw, unstructured information while maintaining data quality? 
  • Have the right governance organizational structure with defined roles and responsibilities 
  • Build systems, processes, and operating model to support intended metadata discovery, data lineage, and data cataloging 
  • Comply with applicable data protection and privacy regulations 
  • Build a single version of the truth, eliminate duplicates & enable advanced analytics 
  • Provide secure access to data in today’s age of data democratization 
  • Have right data retention, archival and deletion processes as per defined business needs and in-line with regulatory compliance 

Our Data Governance Services enable you to futureproof your data governance, driving change from strategy to implementation and operations.


The key features of Data Governance Services include: 

  • Setup Data Governance framework comprising of ready to use business glossaries, data catalogs and data stewardship definitions 
  • Master Data Management for establishing single source of truth to support 360-degree view of your customers, products, employees, vendors etcetc. 
  • Data Qquality Mmanagement for better accuracy and single version of truth 
  • Data cCatalog, dData Llineage and Mmetadata Mmanagement for better transparency and visibility 
  • Data rRetention and Aarchival to enable integrity and prevent tampering 
  • Data Mmasking for transformation projects, for privacy and compliance 
  • Advanced Data Ssecurity, protecting your enterprise data from internal and external threats 

Our Innovations to accelerate Data Governance: 


Our Data Studio innovations help our customers with solving challenges across all spectrums of Data & Analytics like Data Governance, Data Modernization, Analytics etc. Some of them are: 

MetaXpress – Automated data discovery and catalog solution 

DQXpress – Data Profiling and DQ improvement workbench 

MDMXpress – Single view of customer using Machine Learning based matching algorithms 

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