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Setting up a CI/CD Pipeline using Jenkins on AWS IaaS Model.

In this Video post we have shown the Infrastructure provisioning and config management capabilities on AWS using Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Packer and AWS.

Jenkins is used as an Orchestrator to drive the end to end Infrastructure as code workflow. Terraform is used as a provisioner to provision an EC2 on AWS Ansible is used as configuration management tool to configure tomcat 7 and deploy Sample web application onto the machine. AWS is used as the public cloud provider. First the Jenkins checkout out the code from the git repo, builds the application code, perform SCA analysis and execute Unit test cases along with Sonarqube static code analysis. Then it pushes the code to artifactory. Packer internally invokes Terraform to provision the VM using the image created by packer. Terraform then invokes Ansible which installs and configure tomcat and the web application by pulling the latest package from Artifactory. */

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