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People centricity at Coforge

Workplace culture does not have any simple definition, even though we work in one throughout the day. For me, culture is the character and personality of an organization. It provides the competitive edge since it is built over time and cannot be easily replicated. It is also the central driver for superior business performance.

The culture at Coforge can be described, as “Coforge is People. Coforge is Growth.”  Our name Coforge stands for working together to create lasting value and reflects the deeply ingrained employee centricity and client centricity within our firm. 

We believe in the growth of our Employees, Customers and Business. Our vision ‘Engage with the Emerging’ highlights our focus on delivering best-in-class solutions using new age technologies, and our mission ‘Transform at the Intersect’ further cements our position as an expert in focused industry verticals. This razor sharp focus through our Vision and Mission drives our people to learn and grow in the latest technologies, and enables us to propel our customers’ growth through innovative solutions and cutting age technologies, thus enabling growth of Coforge.

At Coforge, people centricity is laced in every step of the employee’s life cycle, be it attracting talent, developing employees, communicating extensively, fun and engagement, innovative schemes and policies, reward and recognition, or continuing to stay connected with our alumnus.  Each One Get One (EOGO), our employee referral scheme, helps us in sourcing the right set of culturally inclined candidates, and rewarding the referees with handsome incentives.  In alignment with our vision of being the true advisors in our customers’ Digital Journeys, we promote a culture of continuous self-learning of latest emerging technologies, through our learning platform.  People can also certify themselves in various technologies or enroll for Higher Education programs and claim their fee as per eligibility criteria. Quarterly townhalls, Annual Day, and continuous communication from leaders keep the employees updated on the strategic intent and direction at all times.  The pandemic did catch us by surprise, but could not stop us from engaging with our employees. Only the mode of engagement changed and we leveraged this opportunity to include families!  Our people love the fact that they get an off day on their Birthday / Anniversary to spend time with family.  Our ‘Take-a-break’ policy encourages employees to take vacations and claim as per eligibility.  Our multi-level rewards framework fosters a culture of recognition for providing value to stakeholders through innovative solutions.  Our engagement without employees continues even when they have become our alumnus, when we connect with them over our online networking platform.

Having a people-centric culture not just enhances stickiness to the organization but also plays a role in enabling employees to blossom and give their best. Our people centricity is an intentional, ongoing process, which has evolved over the years and will continue to be refined with the rapidly changing working models. 

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