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Part 01 - An insight into Single Customer View with Sitecore 10

This blog is the first part of a four blog in the series of in depth analysis and tracking user footprints  across multi channels with Sitecore 10. 

An insight into Single Customer View with Sitecore 10

The success of a single customer view lies in identifying all the products and accounts held by a client. Each customer wants to be treated as an individual and not as some silos account. For organizations in travel, insurance, telecommunication, utilities, financial services, retail, banking, manufacturing etc a single customer view brings along a host of benefits.

A single customer view helps organizations understand a customer and improve client retention. A single customer view also allows perfectly targeted cross-selling and up-selling for profitable business. At the same time, it supports responsible lending and making sure that the clients are managed in a better way. 

This eBook explains the implications of a single customer view – how can it be achieved and the several benefits it can bring to an organization through enhanced customer service and greater profitability. 

Marketing is looking at a steep change. Nowadays, brands cannot ignore even a single consumer - who she is, her views, and needs and preferences. Everything a brand does, adds to its customer’s experience. If a brand ignores a consumer's individualization and fails to build a relationship, the experience remains transactional. And if this happens, the brand is inviting trouble. This can expose your brand to your competitors and it can end up living a short-term cycle. If you don't make every customer feel special and valued, they will detach themselves from the experience.

The Sitecore Experience Platform brings in that change and helps to build a future that both, your brand and customers will value.

Deliver a customized experience for each customer - anytime, on any channel, in real-time.

So, what do you know about creating customized experiences? Can you really own that experience? How can you offer your customers memorable personalized experiences?

Experience marketing with the Sitecore Experience Platform provides us with consumer insights, i.e. the strong ability to personalize content and configure great experiences and make delivery in real-time across all channels. This helps you create that ‘memorable experience’ you want to build.

At this point, a question arises whether or not it is necessary to pay attention to the digital customer experience. Today the tracking of customer footprint  has become very critical in order to provide 1:1 customer experience; Although these digital interactions have now become much more valuable in the client's journey and experience, is there really a need to discuss the digital customer experience? As an answer, I would suggest you to simply look at how to provide the relevant customer experience. 

Keep watching for the second blog in the series : "Obstacles in achieving a single customer view"

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