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Migrating to Azure – Working with an Azure Expert MSP will deliver these 7 Key Benefits!

1. Improved security
Sensitive data and applications are especially vulnerable to cyber threats during the migration process. An expert partner will undertake a comprehensive review of potential vulnerabilities and put in place the right security measures.

2. Cost optimization
Azure resources are expensive. Regular cloud audits can identify areas where resources are being underutilized or wasted, leading to an efficient resource allocation during and post the migration process.

3. Scalability
Do you know that Azure environments can be scaled up or down as needed to meet changing business requirements?  An expert partner will always plan for periods of high demand, such as seasonal spikes or special events.

4. Quicker and error-free deployment
Best practices and do’s and don’ts learned from years of experience make for a quicker and error-free deployment. A comprehensive knowledge of the platform's many features and capabilities is required to unlock the true value of the platform.

5. 24/7 support
Issues can arise anytime. 24x7 support helps to ensure that your applications and data are always available when needed.

6. Reduced downtime and disruptions
As much as it is powerful, Azure is a complex cloud environment. An expert partner will be able to identify potential issues before they become major problems.

7. Regulatory Compliance
If you’re working in a regulated industry, there are many compliance requirements. Your Azure environment also needs to be compliant with relevant regulations and standards. An expert partner will understand and take care of all industry regulations.

Coforge is an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) who helps Clients looking to migrate their infrastructure, applications and data to Microsoft Azure. As an Azure Expert MSP, Coforge has a deep understanding of the cloud platform and its many features and capabilities, which can help identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement in a client's Azure environment.

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Coforge is a global digital services and solutions provider, that leverages emerging technologies and deep domain expertise to deliver real-world business impact for its clients. A focus on very select industries, a detailed understanding of the underlying processes of those industries and partnerships with leading platforms provides us a distinct perspective. Coforge leads with its product engineering approach and leverages Cloud, Data, Integration and Automation technologies to transform client businesses into intelligent, high growth enterprises. Coforge’s proprietary platforms power critical business processes across its core verticals. The firm has a presence in 21 countries with 26 delivery centers across nine countries.
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