Journey to mature Cloud Footprint via IaC adoption for enterprises

In the journey towards maturing Cloud & DevSecOps practice enterprise wide, having matured IaC adoption is the most desired process. IaC (Infra structure as a code) is a process of provisioning and managing infrastructure using a code (YAML, Jason etc.). Having infrastructure as a code allow users to integrate infrastructure provisioning and management with CI/CD pipeline. This integration results in automated, standardised, traceable and faster provision and managing resources. In this blog we will discuss the maturity levels for IaC practice.

Picture below describes the overall IaC journey for taking an enterprise to levels of automated, efficient and optimised IaC adoption

The IaC Maturity path consists of the following high-level phases:

  • Phase 1 - IaC Automation –
    • Build standard IaC templates and configuration
    • Setting up centralised version control for IaC code templates such as – Master Stackset, Nested Stackset and Change set
    • Set up CI/CD pipeline for Infrastructure Provision/Decommission/Change resources through AWS Code Pipeline
    • All code, processes and runbooks documented and available
  • Phase 2- Infrastructure Lifecycle Automation –
    • Fully automated provision and validation (Testing) of development environment and automated decommission/rollback infrastructure after testing or schedule time
    • Infra provision/rollback/decommission or Change execution to multiple environment with validation and approval automation from Dev-Stage-Production
    • Bulid capability to monitor configuration changes and integrated alerting
    • Build capability to aggregate, trace and audit logs
    • Integrate end to end devsecops tools during the lifecycle
  • Phase 3 – Automated optimised
    • Build declarative programming model for infrastructure provisioning and management
    • Build capability for Self-healing, configurable and optimized infrastructure
    • Build real-time for performance testing and monitoring capability
    • Maximal infrastructure utilization and workload density

At Coforge we are helping our customers for achieving the highest level of maturity for Infrastructure as a Code. Coforge’s deep domain experience and proprietary framework is helping organizations jumpstart IaC maturity assessment and build a strong roadmap for enterprise wide adoption of matured IaC practices.