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FatFace Enhances Customer Experience with API-Led Connectivity

Coforge is pleased to announce that FatFace, a leading lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer, has successfully implemented and deployed MuleSoft’s Anypoint PlatformTM. With Anypoint Platform and Coforge’ integration expertise, FatFace is putting in motion its “shop your way” vision through an omnichannel strategy, enabling consumers to shop across all devices and channels with a consistent experience. FatFace has created an application network through API-led connectivity that allows the retailer to innovate without compromise, building vital customer loyalty in the process and future-proofing its business as new channels and services are added over time.

Fat Face Enhances Customer Experience with API-Led Connectivity, Fat Face partners with Coforge


With almost 30 years of operation, FatFace has accumulated a number of, now legacy, systems that has led to siloed data, preventing the retailer from executing on a multi-channel, multi-geography strategy. It became apparent that custom coding and a traditional point-to-point integration approach were negatively affecting customer experiences, leading FatFace to select MuleSoft to adopt an API-led approach. By replacing point-to-point connections with APIs, FatFace is eliminating data inaccuracies, such as out-of-stock inventory, and speeding up access to business-critical information such as price details, store product data and customer history.

FatFaces’ new omnichannel experience built on Anypoint Platform was put to the test during the run up to Christmas. In less than one year after bringing on Coforge and MuleSoft, FatFace completed rolling out an API-led approach across more than half a dozen business critical systems, including CIMS Oracle Database and Red Prairie WMS Oracle Database, and transitioning its eCommerce platform to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The new eCommerce platform launched in November and the retailer subsequently recorded its best ever week of full-price sales in the week leading up to Christmas.

“Efficient and open connectivity between our applications, partners and customers is key to transforming our business model. To reach this point of success in our journey it required careful, strategic planning with a long-term view. By helping us build an application network with APIs, Coforge and MuleSoft are powering our omnichannel transformation, enabling us to offer customers consistent, highly-personalised experiences across all channels” commented Simon Ratcliffe, Infrastructure Director at FatFace. “Following the successful launch of the e-commerce platform, Coforge will continue enabling Fat Face to integrate more systems with Anypoint Platform, planning at the same time for the next phase of our omnichannel transformation, which will involve the integration of our ePOS platform and the launch of mobile applications.”

“As more customers look to interact with a brand via digital channels, retailers need to rethink their business model and infrastructure to offer a seamless customer experience across touchpoints. With an API-led connectivity strategy, FatFace is able to achieve the speed, productivity, and operational efficiency necessary for a successful omnichannel strategy. Whilst taking the new eCommerce platform live in time for the Christmas period was our number one priority, a significant part of our contribution rests in enabling their internal team work with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, design and build APIs and applications, perhaps most importantly, leverage those assets across other business streams,” said Edward Davies, Sales Director at Coforge.

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