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Digital 2.0 – The Digital Experience

Digital 2.0 is about innovation. Digital 2.0 can be many things to many people but we can all agree it lives at the intersection of technology, methods, and strategies converging around digital engagement. Both engagements are external to customers as well as internal to business users.

In this paper, we address and focus on how Digital 2.0 can deliver a disruptive and innovative change from both perspectives. At Coforge we have developed innovation as a service. Our innovation as a service toolkit uses our proprietary crowdsourcing platform, we conduct hackathons where teams compete leveraging gamification-based methods and use our Digital Foundry sandbox for rapid prototyping operational improvements and disruption to their markets. As a result of these efforts, Coforge has gained significant insight and this paper’s focus is on one such insight that can make Digital 2.0 a reality in any business.

Over the last 40 years, the software has been reactive, which means a user would initiate a command, and software would execute a process. Now we are ready for the next evolution in human interfaces. The development of passive and proactive engagement has been possible by combining suggestive and intelligent algorithms with initiating triggers through natural interfaces. These advances have been made possible with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Microservices, and Robotic Processing.

Although these accomplishments have increased the cognitive engagement model, we feel the next evolution is in users’ interfaces. Although the Keyboard still reigns supreme the introduction of handheld mobile devices changed the nature of the interface to touch. Since the 1990s the use of speech and natural language has struggled with adoption. Much of this was due to processing capability and the need to train interpretive software.

The audio panacea depicted in films such as Iron Man was still beyond the reaches of reality until now. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have been leading this charge with Alexa, Siri, Google, and Cortana. These natural language systems have increased adoption as users today routinely ask their home devices for the weather, news, and more. The typed text has given way to the spoken text, at times translated to text other times sent as a voice message. All in all, we have begun the shift from the shackles of the keyboard to hands-free engagement.

The only place this has not seen widespread adoption is in the business world. Many legacy and other applications have not adopted this yet. We can now change this with our methods of wrapping enterprise applications with natural language capability. We can enable the use of audio input devices in combination with IoT and augmented reality for security, gaming, loyalty programs to name a few. This evolutionary move off the keyboard is one key aspect of what we call Digital 2.0

Where to Start:

An initial step is, to reimagine the current state, as when adopting RPA forget what you do and consider how and what you can do. Our approach starts by Identifying pain points along the current user journey and experience. Once you identified these focus areas leverage design thinking methods finally resulting in a POC. Once proven take the insights gained and cycle through your next focus area, rinse and repeat.

COFORGE has a program structured to assess your current technology stack and functional areas that can reveal pain points and reap the benefit of this evolution in user engagement. Our methodology leverages our Business Optimization and Business Process Intelligence toolkit to reveal where opportunities exist and assess the impact of this change in your value chain. The ultimate success of these programs rests with the successful alignment of these efforts to your overall business strategy. Our approach ensures alignment by developing the ROI model that can also rank the selection of POC targets based on returns. On the execution side, once the POC target is selected, transforming the interface will alter processes and possibly lead to some organizational and governance changes. Our insight-driven process continues to study the dependencies across other areas and assess these as subsequent opportunities. Like with most evolutionary processes there is no destination just a recursive path of continuous improvement.

Our Digital 2.0 offering has a series of tools and methods from an elastic framework that includes on-demand expertise from varying business and technical domains. our Digital Foundry which can be leveraged as an Innovation Sandbox. Our Digital Foundry can arm you with industry disruptive strategies, tools, and insights. Use this sandbox to identify opportunities and establish proof of concepts that can be operationalized to leapfrog your competition.

COFORGE has prepared the varying capabilities that can help your organization disrupt your industry. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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