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“Remote working” – A vision for future is today’s “New normal”

Covid-19 has once again reiterated the need of focusing on Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan strategy for the industry. This has led the industry to explore various models for Business continuity, maintaining - Top line, Bottom line and cash flows, “Remote working” seems to be the most plausible of all. As nature seems to have pushed a reset button, this has become the “New normal”. This transition from traditional operating environment to “Remote working” is really challenging, and requires re-imagination of people, processes, leveraging of technology, bandwidth and much more. At Coforge BPS, we have gone through this journey in a fairly agile manner over the last 5 to 6 weeks. While we already had “work from home” as an enterprise level initiative for the last 6 months, the progress made prior to lockdown was minimal. Once again proving that “necessity is mother of invention” and “the going gets tough, when the tough gets going.” This quick and agile implementation was possible due to a positive and healthy alliance between various departments and resources such as: IT, Data security and Risk Management, Facilities, Procurement, HR, Recruitment, Communications and last but not the least Operations. Table below is an attempt to share the best practices derived from the hands-on experience our organisation had while implementing this massive project successfully in such a short time period. You can refer to this table while implementing this initiative in your organisation. I have tried to break up the topic wise “Challenges” faced and the possible “solutions” we used to overcome them. This can serve you as a ready reference guide/cheat sheet and will possibly help you go through this journey in a seamless manner. I would not mind if anyone wants to reach out to me to get a better and detailed insight on enabling your business for remote working environment.
Remote working model has lots of positives like Business continuity, profitability, operational flexibility, employee’s motivation. If challenges like Data security, productivity, team bonding and infrastructure as mentioned above are carefully mitigated, this is a profitable and viable business model. It’s the “New normal”. Deepak Bhatia COO –  Coforge Business Process Solutions.
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