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Life After Implementation of Data Analytics: Why Post Implementation Is Important?

Life After Implementation of Data Analytics

Has a CDO or CIO ever claimed, "I implemented analytics and then lived happily ever after"?

Recently, Trevor Grigoryan* joined Swirl, the biggest consumer durables company in the world, as Head of Data & Analytics. His values were "no surprises" and "seamless execution," and he was a believer in the greatest IT solutions.

Although Trevor had worked in analytics and delivery for more than ten years, this was his first position at a major corporation. In college, he started an analytics-based start-up, which he built into a profitable business before it was acquired. Afterward, he led delivery for a few start-up companies. However, this was a distinct environment and a distinct problem.

Huge and amazing was the recently established analytics system at Swirl, a Fortune 500 powerhouse, among other great things. Furthermore, despite the size of the organization, the analytics team and solution were brand new - similar to a startup, a world that Trevor was familiar with having grown up in.

It brought together the greatest features available on the market:


      • A state-of-the-art back end (cloud infrastructure, security, data lake, etc.) with a highly interactive front end (visualization, dashboards, alarms) in one product, Glocal Tab*.

      • DCES*, a preeminent worldwide systems integrator; and

      • Main*, a renowned consulting firm, which leads the analytics strategy.

Add to this Swirl's skilled delivery crew. Nothing bad could possibly happen, is it not?

That's what Trevor believed. Up until that late call from his colleague in charge of post-implementation assistance, Marina Gomes*.

"Hi Trevor, I apologize for the delayed call," Marina stated. The dashboards provide a problem. From the data lake, they are selecting outdated values. A sync problem must exist. Sorting is taking some time. We might not be able to provide the marketing team with access to the photo.

Trevor answered, "Oh!" This is not what I expected. Sample data is still being used. Not even 20 percent of the anticipated intake!

Yes, precisely! I already have a P1 ticket open with DCES. Would you kindly bring up this issue during your review meeting with them?

Yes. Hold on to me…

This problem was fixed after a few days. The good news is that.

Regretfully, that's also when the awful news started. It arrived in sudden bursts. As in

      • Small yet frequent errors
      • Increasing intricacy
      • Inadequate product expertise
      • DCES's inadequate training
      • Scalability issues
      • Limited ability to customize
      • Restricted range
      • The price of every modification request

And most importantly support issues included slow response times, inadequate first attempts at resolution, SMEs' unavailability when needed, etc.

It was obvious that Glocal, DCES, and Main had underdelivered and oversold. The fact that there were so many cooks ruining the soup just made things more difficult for Trevor and his team. Inadequate requirement translation also affected the execution and overall solution. It was never easy to acquire a whole picture when no one person was held accountable.


Trevor was having trouble sleeping, and a little hair as well. He had been drawn to this multi-million-dollar transformation opportunity. His solid experience running profitable, unstructured enterprises had given him the assurance to succeed. He felt, nevertheless, that he was overpromising and underdelivering at this point.

Then he recalled the one-stop that might be the appropriate arrival point - a small, efficient company with a robust analytics and data science department. A similar project he was overseeing a few years prior had gone flawlessly.

Coforge. Yes, that truly is us 😊 We prefer to be straightforward!

We might not be the oldest or largest. However, we make analytics and data science a reality. The data science and analytics value chain may not have the most exciting post-implementation support component. But there's just one reason we adore it.

It simplifies Trevor's and his team's lives, due to the fact that it maximizes company value.

So, what was our method?

Our goal was seamlessness - bringing order out of chaos. We tackled each issue separately:

      • No glitches or surprises

      • Expandability

SMEs after implementation: Cost control - Complexity - Training - Customization - Horses for the courses

Additionally, we established a comprehensive scope from the start. It is not cool to charge for each modification request.

We adhered to a few essentials to swirl things about at Swirl (apologies if you thought my pun was lame, it was really tempting 😊). For example, We OWN projects. Together with important players who are in charge of the project, we are involved in every phase of its life cycle.

      • Our support engineers are important team members that provide our clients with a wealth of expertise and consideration.

      • Our strong subject matter expertise spans both vertical and horizontal, frontend and backend domains.

      • We're not fat. This translates to cost savings and speed.

      • We support thorough end-user training. We evaluate the training needs of the team and collaborate with you to make sure everyone is at ease with the resolution. Without a query!

Swirl's post-implementation life was altered by strict 3 and 6 month implementation strategies. Trevor and his colleagues returned to their main task of providing businesses with insights that can change the game.

After a review meeting, a year later, we were enjoying a drink with the Swirl crew. "You know, it's not like you guys do something game-changing," Trevor remarked.

He held back. For a striking impact. Our hearts gave out.

"You just nail the fundamentals and always use common sense," he went on. That is all. Common sense lies at the core of dealing with business problems. Not in deep science, advanced technology, or cunning tactics. I appreciate that you swore with common sense.

We believed there was nothing greater to come. Chantelle Griffith, the CEO of Swirl, abruptly got up from her chair and exclaimed, "I have an admission to make. Implementation is always celebrated more than post-implementation support by senior management, including myself. This project demonstrates the importance of assistance! Trevor and his crew, together with the Coforge team have provided excellent support. Fantastic work, guys!"

And it's not just this once. We have successfully completed numerous post-implementation data science and analytics projects for prestigious clients. Among them are - the top car ownership lifecycle help platform in the world; one of the biggest digital libraries in Europe; a top US confectioner and retailer; a potent BFSI company; and the top pet nutrition company in the US.


AWS, Azure, GCP, and other top cloud environments and products including Netsuite, Salesforce, Tableau, PowerBI, Google Analytics, Snowflake, Boomi, Mulesoft, and Einstein are all areas of deep experience for us. All of the top providers of IT services, SLS, and even strategy consulting firms have been partnered with (and occasionally displaced 😊) by us.

Would you like a post-implementation health check on your data science and/or analytics solution? Or do you have a query about the data science or analytics solution you just put into practice? We would be pleased to perform a free assessment and address any query as well.

Simply connect to us at

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