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Anypoint Microsoft Azure Connector Developed by Coforge

Microsoft’s Azure Storage is the cloud storage solution for modern applications that rely on durability, availability, and scalability to meet the needs of the business. Azure storage provides four services - Binary Large OBject (BLOB)  storage, Table storage, Queue storage, and File storage.

Storage services provide REST and SDK APIs for storing and accessing data in the cloud, they store tens of trillions of unique customer objects and handle millions of requests per second.

What is Anypoint Connector?

Anypoint Connectors™ allow you to easily integrate Mule applications with third-party APIs using standard integration protocols. Use connectors within your application flows to send and receive data using a protocol or specific API. Connect message sources like endpoints and connectors in MuleSoft’s ecosystem, or use dynamic connectivity to API specifications.

Coforge Anypoint Connectors

Coforge builds reusable connectors using the Anypoint Connector DevKit. These connectors are pre-built generic connectors with a standardised protocol, transport layer, and database. They have the ability to connect quickly with thousands of REST and SOAP APIs. Anypoint Connectors are automatically bundled with Anypoint Studio, and there is a large library of additional connectors available for download from  Anypoint Exchange.

The Azure Connector built by Coforge

The Azure Connector built by Coforge is accessible from anywhere in the world, from any type of application, whether it is running in the cloud, on the desktop, on an on-premise server, or on a mobile or tablet device. It is massively scalable, so users can store and process hundreds of terabytes of data to support the Big Data scenarios required by scientific, financial analysis, and media applications.

This connector enables business systems to connect to Azure Storage in a user-friendly manner by leveraging backend Azure Storage APIs. Using this connector, business systems can download/upload different types of data from/to Azure Storage. It allows users to make use of Azure Storage services using the Microsoft Azure Storage SDK for Java.

Anypoint Azure Storage Connector is developed by Coforge and Certified by MuleSoft. This connector is published on the MuleSoft Exchange.

How the Coforge’ Azure Connector helps businesses

The Azure Storage Connector allows access to the following four services: Blob storage, Table storage, Queue storage, and File storage; and can be helpful to businesses in the following ways:

  • Blob storage stores unstructured object data. A blob can be any type of text or binary data, such as a document, media file, or application installer. Blob storage is also referred to as Object storage.
  • Table storage stores structured datasets. Table storage is a NoSQL key attribute data store, which allows for rapid development and fast access to large quantities of data.
  • Queue storage provides reliable messaging for workflow processing and for communication between components of cloud services.
  • File Storage offers shared storage for legacy applications using the standard SMB protocol. Azure virtual machines and cloud services can share file data across application components via mounted shares, and on-premise applications can access file data in a share via the File service REST API.

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