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AEM 6.5 On-Prem Setup Guide

This document covers the setup for AEM 6.5 and upgrading to Service Pack-12.


The following software is required for installation in one’s local environment:

  • AEM Quickstart Jar, Service Pack -12 package and license details
  • Java 8/ 11 (Open JDK or Oracle Java)
    • Java 8 supported after SP-9 upgrade, here we are setting up SP-12.

Step 1 - Install Java:

Adobe Experience Manager is a Java application and requires the Java SDK to support the development tooling.

  • Download and install the latest java SDK11+
  • Verify Java 11 SDK is installed by running the command:
    • Windows: java -version
    • macOS / Linux: java –version

For Java/JDK 11- Path variables that need to be set:

  • Create the system or user variables for the following:
    • Search Edit the system environment variable of your account
    • Create a new variable name and paste the JDK path and save it

Step 2 - Setup Local AEM instances:

  • Two basic run modes can be installed: Author and Publish. The Author run mode is the environment that developers will use to create and manage content.
  • When developing most of the time you will be deploying code to an Author instance.
  • The Publish instance is the AEM environment in that visitors to your website will interact
  • Extract the AEM quickstart Jar and rename the jar file.
  • Aem-author-p4502.jar (Application Name-Run mode-Port No.)
  • Open command/ terminal and run the command java –jar aem-author-p4502.jar and enter a password using admin.

  • AEM Server will be up in 5 minutes and the AEM console will open on port 4502.
  • The following screen comes up when the server is up and enters a password use admin.

Step 5 - Install Service Pack 12:

Install the service pack on Experience Manager 6.5

  • Restart the instance before installation if the instance is in update mode (when the instance was updated from an earlier version). Adobe recommends a restart if the current uptime for an instance is high.
  • Before installing, take a snapshot or a fresh backup of your Experience Manager instance.
  • Download the service pack from Software Distribution.
  • Open Package Manager and click Upload Package to upload the package. To know more, see Package Manager.
  • Select the package and click Install and refresh the page.

Congratulations With this the AEM On-Prem Setup is completed successfully.

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