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A quick glance at how Artificial Intelligence is driving transformational change to Client Experience

At Coforge we are focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence within our Domain, Customer Experience & Data and Analytics practices to build predictive models to help deliver business impact.

We strongly believe that it is increasingly important that businesses have solutions that use Artificial Intelligence to augment how they communicate with their customers, especially through this chaotic world of COVID-19.

It is increasingly clear that customers expect organisations to understand their needs and deliver a truly personalised experience in the best possible way.

We are integrating established channels like chat bots and virtual assistants with voice and visual recognition capabilities to elevate customer experience and provide enhanced engagement through channels such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana & Google Assistant.

To deliver this enhanced customer experience organisations need to embrace new ways of collecting and analysing data by using Artificial Intelligence to generate real-time insights based on behaviours and states.

We have also seen a growing shift towards real-time or “dynamic” personalization using complex event processing to deliver contextual and relevant information in a timely manner. We believe that the ability to collate and unify information in real-time and to make it accessible for decision making to solve a customer problem is an increasingly critical aspect of delivering a better, differentiated experience.

Inbound channels provide a huge amount of behavioural data that businesses can use to drive their customer experience. Information signals such as: what customers are watching? How are they reacting? What do they like or dislike? Where are they? are fundamental inputs that enable businesses to create personas that truly reflect the needs of their target buying customers.

One key aspect that needs to be considered when collecting large amounts of data is context. Patterns, trends and correlation of data only really makes sense if you understand the context, without it the data has little or no meaning. As such when collecting data, it is imperative to understand what type of data it is, when and where it was collected and as such how to use it.

Both data, context and speed are critical if a business is to successfully deliver experiences that are relevant to their customers; timing is key, and the window of opportunity is brief. As such, it is critical that businesses can make personalized decisions for a customer in just milliseconds. This cannot be achieved without a firm data foundation allied to Artificial Intelligence to provide a real-time decision engine driving deep personalisation options to the customer.

We are also seeing the increased use of Knowledge Graphs & Machine Learning on Network Graphs for enhancing decision making. By applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to complex network structures stored in graph databases, it is possible to look at the connectedness and proximity between entities when building the models. Here at Coforge we are working with specialized deep learning algorithms such as GraphCN and GraphSAGE to provide solutions in areas such as Fraud detection, cybersecurity situational awareness, regulatory compliance, customer 360 and customer churn.

Clearly when collecting and using data organisations must consider privacy and any local legislation to ensure that they protect the rights of their customers. We also believe that Artificial Intelligence must adhere to the value-based principles defined by OECD.

To leave you with one thought to consider, Artificial Intelligence will be critical in driving and enhancing customer experience going forward, only those that can provide real-time, context aware recommendations will succeed in driving a truly world class customer experience.

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