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Marketing and Loyalty

Driving customer acquisition through conversion using contextual marketing campaigns, incentivizing them through world class loyalty programs, and providing actionable insights for high performance operational teams is a Coforge strength.  With its extensive knowledge of the loyalty domain and technological expertise Coforge is perfectly equipped to help the retail industry enhance revenues and improve customer experience.  
Loyalty programs need to integrate closely with the multiple touchpoints across the customer journey, to monetize data based on customer insight. This is where the true value of customer loyalty will be unlocked with better campaign management and increased ancillary sales.  
We understand the diverse aspects of a well-integrated loyalty solution and focus on:
  • Customer Online Services - including Profile management, Ancillary services and Customer Communication.
  • Marketing - including Campaign Management, Promotions, and Content Management.  
  • Loyalty Points - including Points Management – accrual, redemption, and validity, Business Rules and Notifications.
  • Loyalty Product Management and Points Pricing.
  • Order Management & Fulfilment.
Our extensive experience with loyalty mobile applications with a focus on personalization and customization will help you create a better customer experience and optimized spending. 
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