UK’s Largest Motoring Organization

Environmental Details

  • ~8500 User & 750 Shared mailboxes
  • ~ 550 Distribution List & 20,000+ Public Folders

Business Challenge

  • Outdated infrastructure
  • Mobile device management solution is going out of support
  • The increased management cost of the existing messaging platform
  • Repeated performance issues with the existing messaging environment
  • Scalability is a challenge

Coforge Solution

  • Hybrid setup coexistence for seamless migration
  • Mailbox migration is done using PowerShell scripts and native tools
  • Intune-based MDM & MAM solution

Benefits to Client

  • New improved e-mail experience with robust and more feature functionality and large mailbox sizes
  • Delivers the best of both worlds—Cloud and on-premises
  • Meet the regulatory requirements and businesses ask
  • Productivity benefit owing to any time, anywhere access to e-mail, Skype for business, One Drive for business, and other O365 services
  • Highly scalable world-class messaging environment, which is robust, highly available, and scalable
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