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Environmental Details

  • 2400 users / endpoints
  • ITSM—ServiceNow
  • Centralize CMDB in ServiceNow
  • Multiple locations including 10% workforce are roaming users

Business Challenge

IT support desk was witnessing large number of repeat issues in EUC environment. IT support was exhausting its capacity by doing mundane jobs. A significant number of incidents are were resolved by referring SOPs which showed a high potential for automation and improved user experience & productivity.

Coforge Solution

Coforge’s ElfTouch with following features:

  • Auto Heal and Simple Click
  • Resource protection
  • Software distribution

Benefits to Client

Tangible Benefits

  • Increased End User Experience Management by 53%
  • High Customer Delight / Customer Satisfaction
  • Less Mean Time to Resolve on Incidents – Reduced by 17%
  • Less Wait Time and Quick Answer Time
  • Increased accuracy and error-free resolutions
  • Reduced average handling time resulting in increased productivity of end users
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