UK Based Water utility company

Business Challenge

  • During COVID-19 outbreak enable workforce quickly around the globe
  • Ensuring right tools and applications extended to the new workforce
  • Client Engineering team needed policies to determine the level of access contractors require, to do their jobs
  • Restricted access & internal IT to configure and manage security centrally

Coforge Solution

  • Implemented Coforge VirtSpace for client virtualization
  • AWS Native AWS workspace solution to enable employees
  • PoC , followed by complete deployment
  • Quick turn around – within couple of days AWS workspaces were enabled with right images
  • Security & governance to meet client requirements

Benefits to Client

  • High performing code development collaboration
  • Minimal impact to new & existing business by enabling the workforce with the right tools
  • Bring up workforce and VDIs quickly anywhere across the globe
  • On-boarded new users in only minutes instead of months
  • Subsequently replaced 100’s of desktops with VDIs
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