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The client needed efficient CI/CD tools to reduce waste, costs, and customer time. Coforge was approached to assess the issues and provide standardized libraries. Coforge delivered an in-depth assessment and implemented CI/CT/CD pipelines for web and android applications. The result was an overall reduction in setup time, costs, and release times.

About the Client

The client is a leading German railway company.

Business Challenge

The development and deployment of a simple application/new release needed a minimum of 6 months. Since there are no CI/CD tools and no standardized libraries for services that are common to each application, such as user identification, UX styling, each development team needs to develop these from scratch. This results in high cost and time overruns. A major challenge was how to reduce waste and save the customer time and cost.

Our Solution

After an in-depth assessment of the issues involved, Coforge recommended:

  • CI/CT/CD pipelines for web and android applications using Gitlab CI and OpenShift Container Platform
  • Introduction of uniform quality checks like SonarQube, unit tests, vulnerability checks, and end-to-end Appium tests.
  • Deployment environments to be made available on OpenShift shared cluster with high availability, scalability, and security.

These recommendations had a positive impact on various aspects of the client’s business, as detailed below:

  • The use of common services, out of the box reference implementations, ready to use deployment environments saved the client at least 2 weeks for each app team. They could therefore pay more attention to the application functionality
  • Delivery time reduced from 6 months to 2 deliveries per day
  • By the end of the project, 60 teams were already using the platform and 40 teams were expected to join soon
  • Universal adoption of the platform of the common service across the organization saved IT time and cost
  • Standardization allowed at least 2 weeks of time-saving for each IT team

Delivering more value:

Added​ value to the client included:

  • 30% decrease in release time using CI/CT/CD pipelines
  • 20% reduction in cost by implementing quality checks
  • 30% faster time to market
  • 20% reduction in environment setup time​
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