Empowering airlines to engage digital native passengers through the power of their voice 


The launch of Alexa in Australia, in early 2018, stoked the interest of a leading Australian airline, which saw it as an opportunity to engage and serve passengers who are constantly moving through voice-enabled services.

About the client

The client is an Australian-based airline.

Business Challenge

The airline wanted to engage digital native passengers and provide them the ability to find more information about their bookings, flights, and frequent flyer details through the power of their voice.

Our Solution

Coforge developed and tested multiple Alexa skills for our client. The airline skill lambda functions handled intent, managed dialogue, and called the airline's web services to fetch customer and flight information.

Empowering airlines


To enable a seamless and bug-free delivery, the testing services team developed a three-pronged approach to overcome the challenges of nonlinear input, always learning system, and non-deterministic user interaction:

  • Testing through simulator and developer console
  • Using echosim.io, an Alexa skill testing tool
  • Real interaction testing using actual Alexa devices

Our solution and approach resulted in the quick addition of new skills with high quality of delivery.

Delivering More Value

  • Helped in engaging digital native passengers
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Hands-free information about flight status, gate, check-in details, and frequent flyer info.
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