SLK Global Solutions is now Coforge Business Process Solutions (or Coforge BPS).

Coforge offers process solutions and digital platforms to multiple industries, including the financial services industry. Coforge BPS customers include 5 of the Top 25 U.S. Banks, Top 10 Lenders, Top 10 Insurance intermediaries and Fortune 500 Companies.

Coforge Business Process Solutions can help you deliver:

  • Transformation

    Reimagine your everyday operations with technology and smart reengineering using 12 digital platform solutions and 600+ business processes

  • Effective business outcomes

    Delight customers with speed to market and improved profitability using Digital Platforms, Intelligent Automation RegTech, Data & Analytics, & Omnichannel Customer Service

  • Flawless execution

    Drive higher operational productivity & quality with 100% commitment to SLAs and over 99% transaction accuracy

  • Scalability

    Build business resilience with a flexible workforce of 21,000+ professional with 7,000+ dedicated to business process solutions supporting 0.5B transactions annually across 5 global centers

  • Strong compliance

    Create a secured operating environment with robust governance & risk controls, ensuring 100% adherence to regulatory and business requirements

  • Sustainable Business Growth

    Deliver 360° value with optimized business models perfected from two decades of industry experience and 400+ years of executive leadership experience

Drive intelligent operations with an optimal blend of people, process, and technology

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Apply innovation and deliver superior customer experience with 20% turn time improvement, 35% lower operational costs and over 98% quality

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Intensify customer engagement and achieve business growth with 5% lower operational costs, over 98% quality and 30% faster turn times

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Mortgage Lending

Embrace business transformation and achieve continuous process improvement with 16-day clear to close, 67% improved underwriting efficiency and 45% reduced operating cost

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Title, Tax & Settlement

Increase efficiency and enhance operational agility with 70% faster property search report delivery, one platform to order title & tax reports and tax certificates with guaranteed accuracy

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Lead change and drive transformation across process with 15% improved efficiency, 35% lower operational costs enhanced operational accuracy

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Enterprise Wide Services

Maximize business value across the breadth of an organization with enhanced C-SAT scores, improved data quality and reduced business risks

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Automated quality control
Intelligent Document Processing
40% cost savings in insurance operations

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September 11 - 14, 2022 | San Diego, CA

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Copasys: An enterprise-wide automated platform for QC and Regulatory compliance.

Copasys is virtual one-stop shop that addresses the industry’s biggest Quality Control & regulatory compliance needs using automation and data. It’s 20X faster, ensures 100% accuracy & 100% coverage.

SLK Global Solutions assists with underwriting efficiency

Avoiding CFPB Regulatory Actions by First Cutting Complaints

Complaints have always been a serious issue. They are back in the spotlight because they are increasing and likely will continue to do so.


Clear to close in 16 days, app to uw time less than 1 hour for 1-touch files


Disputes QC Review in 30-seconds with Automation


Achieving 99.999% accuracy in commercial tax payment processing using RETS©


50% quicker property search reports using SmartProp®


Over 80% reduction in chargeback case aging for issuing bank, client of a leading chargeback management company


29% improvement in first call resolution to minimize false placement of lender placed insurance