Data & Analytics

Get Better Insight Into Your SAP Data

Finding a cost-efficient EDW and BI Solution just got easier. Our SAP analytics tool has helped clients deliver significant cost savings for their teams in HR, finance, and more.

Our Custom Analytics Solutions:
  • EDW & BI Strategies, Roadmaps, Assessment, and Optimizations
  • BW/4HANA & BW Conversions & Migration (on-prem or cloud)
  • SAP Analytics using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and SAP Data Warehouse for Cloud (DWC)
  • Operational Analytics using SAP Fiori
  • Proprietary Azure-based Intelligent EDW solution for S/4HANA using SAP-certified integration tool
  • SAP Analytics using SAC and SAP DataWarehouse for Cloud (DWC)
  • SAP Analytics of GCP BigQuery-Based EDW
Our Customer Analytics Solutions


Our offering’s advanced features include an SAP Certified Integrator tool to extract SAP Standard Datasource & CDS views from SAP systems. We provide support for larger volumes of data from SAP Extractors using Data packaging.

We leverage Delta Capabilities of SAP Extractors while providing robust Process Control using control and log tables. For data monitoring, we do Batch management for data monitoring

Finally, we provide support for the Recovery of Failed delta loads and corporate Memory (data staging) for data lineage.

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