Document AI

Text & NLP - Document AI (IDP)
Analyze text using AI and Natural Language Processing. Perform insightful text analysis.
Use the platform for document content processing and analyzing. Platform offers advanced text-based software features like Clustering, Topic extraction, Sentiments, Financial, Legal and Contract files handling which adds value and makes data more informative and insightful. All this is underpinned by an intuitive user interface that makes IDP quick and simple to use.
  • Extractions: Scanned, Handwritten, CheckBoxes, Redaction: Multiple Contract files have been scanned into single pdf over the years. The ask is to extract contract information from these pdfs. The structure of the contracts is varying in large degree. Using NLP and ML to extract these contracts and multiple relevant fields including legal clauses were done with nearly 100% of accuracy. The overall solution was built in very less time and involving only 5% manual intervention.
  • LIBOR Remediation Process Automation: LIBOR remediation for financial services organizations which are mandated to move to another benchmark rate by 2021. Automatically extract information like fallback terms, clauses, maturity date etc. from documents of multiple formats and creating structured searchable records. These are then used for reconciliation.
  • Smart Financial Analyzer: Financial services industry operations involve lengthy financial and legal documents - annual reports, research reports etc. There is a need to summarize these documents to make them easier to consume. Financial sentiments help us in understanding the industry segment more accurately.
  • Mortgage Underwriting Automation: Extracting important information and segregating documents from a bigger accumulated mortgage document. There are multiple documents bundled together such as forms, balance sheet, Income statement, purchase and sale agreements. Fields like Income and down payment confirmations signed confirmations on a form has been extracted.
  • Investment Restriction Analysis: Brokers submit request for insurance through emails. Each email contains information about the insured along with other information required by underwriters to take a decision. This information is automatically extracted from email body, attachments and other artifacts.
Other Solutions
  • Extract Info from Unstructured Documents: Extract the information from Bordereaux unstructured excel files and store on a Data platform.
  • Legal Document Extraction Analysis: Extracts important fields from different kind of Non-searchable PDFs using OCR and AI
  • Investment Research - with News Article of a Company: Extract sentiments/highlights and generate abstractive summary from news, reviews, blogs, financial statements of a company.
  • Cheque Data Extraction: Automated signature matching using Image processing and Feature extraction techniques.
  • Extract and Recommend Restrictions for Compliance Team: Extract, identify, catalog and manage restrictions from a lot of investment restriction documents for Compliance team.
  • Slips, MRC, Binders Extraction for Llyod's Market: Automated extraction of Slips and MRC for syndicates in Llyod's market which brings cost efficiencies and error reduction.
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