Conversational AI

With the advent of technologies like Natural Language Processing, machine learning (ML), speech recognition, conversational AI has come to the forefront. Omni Channel Interfaces allowing customers to seamlessly interact with businesses has the potential to become a key differentiator in significantly improving customer experience while providing 24x7 availability and reducing the cost of operations. 

At Coforge we’re evaluating and exploring the various open-source and paid frameworks that will help our customers in their conversational AI journey. We can help with: 

  • Re-Engaging Customers: Conversational solutions across all customer touchpoints providing an intuitive targeted and seamless experience in promotions, sales, service, and support. 
  • Empowering Enterprises: Enabling corporates to streamline and simplify internal operations across ITSM, HR, Finance, Travel Desk facilitating availability and cost reduction. 
  • Pre-Built Accelerators: Industry-focused frameworks for creating and deploying intelligent conversation assistants across Travel and Insurance with pre-built language models.  
  • Next-Gen Digital Knowledge Workers: Avatar based digital knowledge workers with cognitive capabilities that provide human-like interaction across specialist functions, like mortgage, claims.  
  • Multi-Channel Strategy: Allow your customers to get in touch with your business whenever and however they want, by building intelligent assistant capabilities across various channels like mobile, web, messaging channels, smart speakers, Telephony, etc. 
  • Increased customer interaction & Cost Savings: Real-time customer communication with the round the clock support and the ability to build intelligence that can handle more complex queries will allow you to reduce your customer service cost 


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