Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

Salesforce Quote-To-Cash (CPQ) allows businesses the ability to delivery sales quotes, contracts, and invoices accurately and easily, thereby helping to improve to deliver the right product of choice and faster fulfillment, all contained within the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce CPQ enables businesses to help their customers choose the right version of the product, work through the primordial entities like pricing to reach the good price/quality ratio and generate quotes to reflect the sale.

Some of the strengths of Salesforce CPQ are:

  • Solution built on the Salesforce data model
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Works with Salesforce standard objects (with custom CPQ fields created)
  • Point and click solution that can be customized
  • Ease of implement





Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Strong domain knowledge (Travel, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance etc.)
  • Salesforce consulting and training partner
  • Certified professionals
  • Rich functional and technical talent
  • Strong onsite/offshore delivery expertise
  • Strong eco-system of partner network to provide best-of-breed solutions
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