Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry, a product of Coforge’s Technology Innovation Centre, is an incubation hub of digital plug-and-play assets. These assets help businesses take a quantum leap in their digital transformation journeys, be on a growth trajectory, and revolutionize substantially. Backed by years of domain insights, these digital assets help fine-tune business processes, lighten the resource load, and manage operations optimally to save costs and increase efficiency. 

A home to various digital studios, Digital Foundry holds quick and detailed information on digital assets that use the latest innovative and pioneering technologies. Our team of experts helps businesses co-create bespoke solutions for their exclusive problems.

Why Us

By partnering with us on the Digital Foundry, you will be able to:  

  • Lead the Wave: Continuously innovate, experiment and incubate new ideas to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Know Where to Invest: Predict which technology will be disruptive for your industry, its speed of adoption and its business advantages.
  • Come up to Speed: Build and deploy digital solutions at a fast pace to gain and sustain competitive edge.
  • Learn Fast: Reduce learning curve with access to latest technology solutions to lead transformation.

Digital Studios

Digital Studios is a repository of digital assets based on Coforge’s Digital Reference Model that ensures repeatable fast engineering. It also comprises proof of concept, use cases and technology best practices.

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