For the past few years, Blockchain technology has been an exciting alternative to traditional transaction methods. As per a press release published on September 18, 2018, Coforge is one of the top global IT solutions companies which has released its Blockchain-powered solutions for various industries.

Blockchain holds the promise of transactional transparency, creating secure and real-time communication networks with partners worldwide. It supports everything from payment networks to real estate deals and healthcare data sharing. It has the potential to eliminate massive amounts of record-keeping, hence save money and streamline supply chains.

Blockchain platform unlocks digital transformation use cases and provides security-rich data sharing, dynamic applications, and decentralized identity. Blockchain entities can share a cryptographic ledger, comprising a digital log of transactions, across a public or a private network. Doing so effectively addresses the critical aspects of digital transformation programs: identity, security, and trust. The platform enables organizations to enhance application modernization to automate business processes, launch new digital products and monetize vital digital assets. 

The Blockchain studio of the Digital Foundry provides resources required to rapidly build and deploy Fabric and Ethereum. Our assets simplify the formation, management and governance of Blockchain networks.

Blockchain uses distributed ledger technology, which offers multiple benefits to businesses, requiring a high potency of trust for business transactions. The use of distributed technology offers businesses the opportunity to build and maintain an infrastructure that delivers capabilities at lower expenses than traditional centralized models.

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