Architecture as a Service

This unique full service offering can guide you on building an Architecture Office (AO) or if you have an existing AO we have methods to seamlessly Integrate and augment your existing stable of experts with our wealth of industry practitioners and domain experts.  These individuals will provide insights on emerging technologies, industry trends, products and innovative thought leadership, augmenting your team on projects and assisting in product selections and conducting innovation workshops during ARB.  As part of offering you will have access to our Strategic Planning and architectural modeling platform, Digital Foundry where you can conduct POCs, review accelerators and use as an Innovation and initiate Ideation sessions.
The following provides our dual phased engagement approach to establishing the Architecture as a Service Program.  

Our Approach

Tenets of an Architecture Office

  • Perceived as a unifying body, deigned to function as a federated or centralized enterprise organization
  • Providing governance as guardrails and guidelines rather than dogma and gates
  • Perceived as a educating body where business stakeholders’ questions can be answered and are actively engaged
  • Nurture new ideas, pilot and foster innovation 
  • Establish a common language encouraging communication and dialogue
  • Perceived as a trusted advisor promoting awareness and seeking input on ideas with defined benefits and aligned to identified outcomes
  • Perceived as a business enablement partner where the word “no” does not exist rather achieved through collaboration on “how” is explored jointly with the business
  • Perceived as a strategic advisory partner to the business
  • Perceived as a steward of industry leading practices maintaining a competitive level playing field 
  • Perceived as a steward of innovation leveraging emerging trends and technologies providing competitive advantage
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