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CONDOR - Intelligent Contract Automation Framework

Solution Overview

Condor is an Coforge Intelligent Contract Automation framework that orchestrates the dynamic assembly, rules-based routing, versioning and contextual event alerts for enterprise specific agreements.

Imagine contracts that generate themselves, which orchestrates collaboration on situational clauses, understands where they need to “go next”, and routes for digital signatures when finalized. Once e-signed, the Condor based intelligence can update relevant stakeholders in finance, procurement, business units and any others when certain contractual elements are reached or about to expire. Or even better, the updates are presented for review & approval vs. actioned.

Why manage your agreements by email + brittle contract management + document storage systems which create siloed knowledge & manual processes? With Coforge Condor, a touchless, intelligent & situational contract automation process is within reach.


Specialized Versioning of documents gives users the ability to create custom categories for specific purposes and dynamically group them by region, language or other custom specification.

Always on Event Automation

Condor is “always on”, which means your specialists don’t need to note or remember when something needs to be modified, extended or business stakeholders need to be notified. Financial components of an agreement will automatically trigger actions once nearing their dates, or any other performance thresholds. Renewals or contract closure processes can be automatically initiated for any level of agreement dates or performance measures, without limit.

Hyper Search and Update

Systems & users can search the entire content of all finalized documents, creating a limitless, fluid contract automation environment. Through article & specialize level updates, business rules or users can apply changes in seconds vs. days, weeks and months, with just a few clicks

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