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machine learning in retail

Gaining a competitive edge in retail with Machine Learning

Undeniably, retail has been one of the industries that have been impacted the most from the coronavirus pandemic. Today, the retail landscape is faced with changing consumer behaviours favouring online […]


The 3 most impactful big data technologies of 2019

Although Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning remain the most impactful Big Data technologies, cloud computing and digital are gaining momentum. 


Which areas do companies expect to benefit the most from Big Data?

According to our latest survey, the number of business areas companies expect to benefit from Big Data technologies has more than doubled from just a year ago.


Proving value in Big Data projects is not easy

For the majority of companies, Big Data is still a rather new endeavour and as a result, measuring ROI is still a challenge.


Machines cannot teach themselves

There has been a lot of talk around self-taught machines. With this blog we want to demystify the myth of machines being able to teach themselves.


Most Innovative Machine Learning Solution

WHISHWORKS entered the Awards with its Pricing Intelligence Accelerator, which allows retailers to capture information from different media and sources, in real time.

The business sense of artificial intelligence

The Business Sense of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, from social media platforms using AI to analyse content and behaviours, to digital platforms like Amazon and Netflix that use AI for their recommendation engines. […]


Data Analytics Explained

Data analytics is the science of analysing raw data in order to derive useful insights and can be classified into four types – Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive. No one type is better than the […]


7 steps to Predictive Analytics

Keeping abreast of new developments in Business Intelligence is critical for allowing companies to stay ahead of competition. The latest approach to BI is predictive analytics. Predictive Analytics enables organisations […]


The role of Behaviour Analytics & Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

In 2017, Lloyd’s of London has warned that a serious cyber-attack could cost the global economy more than £92bn. Recent incidents show that this estimation is not far-fetched. According to Reuters, cyber-crime attacks […]


Machine Learning in Sentiment Analysis

According a recent McKinsey study, after a positive customer experience, more than 85% of customers purchased more. After a negative experience, more than 70% purchased less. Companies have been using […]


How artificial intelligence is transforming the insurance sector

There are three main areas where we see artificial intelligence having the greatest effect and benefit for insurers. These are in personalised insurance offers and policies, in underwriting and claims management, and in customer experience.