Top 3 use cases for real time streams in financial services architectures



In the past, Big Data dominated the discussion about how companies could obtain greater value from their data. It was a mindset based on a simple premise: the more data you could store in a single location and analyse, the deeper – and more valuable – the insights you could obtain.

Sound thinking, but it ignores another value principle for data – the time value. Because it’s not about just how much you can process at once; it’s about the speed of processing. Young data can be of more value – the faster you can get a piece of data and respond to it, the more valuable it is.

A streaming platform offers a single platform to publish and subscribe, store, and process streams of data in real time, at any scale, in any environment, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

In this white paper, Confluent outlines how real time streaming is improving efficiencies in three use cases for financial services architectures.