Guide to Sales Analytics: Turn insight into performance



Sales Analytics from Salesforce gives everyone in your sales organisation the answers they need to make smarter decisions, faster. With predesigned dashboards built for Sales Cloud, data executives, sales managers, reps, and operations have the power to dive deep and explore, slicing and dicing data down to the individual record. And because it’s natively integrated with Salesforce, you can take action directly from Sales Cloud. Everyone on your sales team can interact with their data, get answers, and turn insight into performance.

Sales Analytics instantly unlocks answers to key sales questions, including what’s going on and why, what will happen, and what your next steps should be.

In this guide, Salesforce reviews Sales Analytics dashboards and explains how each person in your sales organisation can get the answers he or she needs to make smarter decisions about your customers.

This eBook provides a general overview of Salesforce’s Sales Analytics dashboards with specific guidance for the following roles:

  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative