Manufacturing Integration Whitepaper



 Manufacturing Integration

The manufacturing industry is on the brink of massive technological disruption. Manufacturers, realising that technology must be embraced, or else, are braced for large-scale manufacturing digital transformations. A 2016 research from Boston Consulting Group found that 90% of manufacturing leaders surveyed agree that digital technology adoption increases productivity and lowers costs. 4 years later PwC’s Global CEO Survey reveals that the vast majority (74%) of industrial manufacturing CEOs globally report operational efficiencies as the main activity for driving growth over the next 12 months

In order to capitalise on new technological developments, competitive manufacturers have no option but to implement the digital tools to match. Manufacturers need to digitalise their business to meet current customer expectations. Failure to do so means the fast lane to customer loss.

When companies realise the value of their enterprise architecture, proper integration has the potential to provide almost instant access to business-critical data and scalable infrastructure. Leveraging API-led connectivity represents a comprehensive future-proofing decision for modern businesses.

This white paper will serve as a comprehensive overview of manufacturing challenges, using MuleSoft Anypoint Platform as the underlying technology to demonstrate the power of API-led connectivity in bringing about a total digital transformation in manufacturing.