Building a Single Customer View Using APIs



 APIs-360 customer view

Data is the enterprise’s most valuable, untapped resource and access to data — particularly customer data — is critical for companies looking to transform customer experience; they need to be able to understand who their customers are, their customers’ needs, and how customers interact with the company in order to create positive experiences and stand apart from the competition.

This is why organizations start initiatives to create a 360-degree customer view (“customer 360”) data layer that acts as both a common dictionary and source of truth about every customer interaction, at every touchpoint. The goal of a customer 360 is to provide an accurate, timely, and complete view of their customers so that an organization’s stakeholders (i.e. employees, partners,  customers, and systems) have the information they need to inform key decisions. But merely having the data isn’t enough; leading companies go a step further and automatically trigger actions and business processes based on that customer information.

In this whitepaper, MuleSoft presents an approach to modularizing your customer 360 view, to accommodate changes, trends, market shifts,
and other factors in order to deliver the right experience to your customers at the right time.

In this whitepaper, MuleSoft sets out:

  • An API-led approach to integrating systems to provide a well-constructed 360-degree view.
  • Tools to make the above job easier.
  • Case studies of customers who have successfully set up customer 360 views using this approach.