RECIPE 04 – How to implement a simple API and deploy it on the Cloud using the MuleSoft platform

This recipe would boost your confidence level on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform for how easy and quick it is to implement a simple API and deploy to MuleSoft’s cloud platform, CloudHub.


Traditionally, an API is the programmable interface to an application. Today, it has evolved in to a more powerful interfacing mechanism than merely exposing an application.


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In today’s Internet of Things (IoT) world, an API is the programming interface to a vast variety of systems, ranging from applications to devices. With an API, a device can talk to another device and the two can become connected devices. The term IoT is exactly what this API enables: the devices (things) to form a network of devices talking to each other.

There are numerous providers of API platform in the market, but the one that stands out in the loT, is MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. It is a robust, flexible and scalable platform to manage the APIs. MuleSoft calls IoT as ‘API-led connectivity’. This book basically deals with few of the basic and most important to-do’s on this platform.

The API to be implemented here is assumed to be of a Book Catalogue.