RECIPE 26 – How to encrypt & decrypt an API

Mule Message Encryption and Decryption


The Encryption and Decryption of APIs allow to store information or to communicate with other parties while preventing uninvolved parties from understanding the stored information or understanding the communication.


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The Encrypt Data API protects data privacy by scrambling clear data into an unintelligible form. To recover clear data from the encrypted data, use the Decrypt Data which will restore encrypted data to a clear (intelligible) form. Both processes involve a mathematical formula (algorithm) and secret data (key).

This recipe would boost your confidence level on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform for how easy and quick it is to encrypt and decrypt data. It can be achieved in many ways. This recipe uses Java Cryptology Extension (JCE), as part of the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) which encodes a message payload, or part of a payload.

Data encryption-decryption