RECIPE 06 – Implementing a new API through API-led Connectivity

API, Application Programming Interface, is the way to connect applications, data, and devices that will give the organization greater agility and flexibility. With an API, a device can talk to another device and the two can become connected devices.


But the problem lends itself to a service-oriented approach in which application logic is broken into individual services and then reused across multiple channels.


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MuleSoft’s API-led connectivity approach provides a framework to allow businesses to tackle new problems presented by mobility, security, and connecting data between departments, on-premises systems and the cloud. This methodology allows organisations to easily add more and more devices and solutions into the mix, while maintaining high performance for the entire system. This comes in the form of a multi-tier architecture with three distinct API layers: System, Process, and Experience.

This recipe will show you how easy and quick it is to implement a simple API with an API-led approach. The API to be implemented here is assumed to be of a Book Catalogue.