Make travel experiences smart, secure and special

Challenge 1:

Creating compelling customer experiences

In such a consumer-intensive environment, travel companies must gain a deep understanding of their customers, their behaviours and their expectations. However, many businesses in the industry do not have the timely access to the data they need to develop these insights and deliver the experiences that their customers demand.


Give customers what they want

At Coforge – Salesforce Business Unit, we can help your travel business to deliver a better customer experience. We give you the power to consolidate and analyse data across different sources, so you can access a unified view of your customers and increase your customer knowledge. This will help your business to maximise engagement by empowering your agents to deliver 1-1 value propositions and more personalised customer experiences.

Challenge 2:

Keeping up with safety and security needs

Given the high costs associated with travel infrastructure, it is likely that airports, railway stations and ports will not be able to handle increasingly stringent security and regulatory requirements.


Minimise risks and maximise security

Our certified experts can work with your travel business to implement best practice and governance throughout your operation, so you can keep pace with stringent security and regulatory requirements and minimise operational risks that could compromise your success. For example, we can help you to implement real-time video security analytics and business activity monitoring, which will enable event chain visualisation and the anomaly detection of events.

Challenge 3:

The need for growth-enabling business models

To understand where the emerging value generators lay, travel companies need to rethink their way of doing business. For some, creating value may be about developing entirely new models to include adjacent business categories, whereas for others, it may involve identifying and going after new value pools in their existing business.


Implement business models for success

Whether you are rethinking your business model or you would like to develop new customer-centric strategies at your travel business, our certified Salesforce, MuleSoft and Data & Analytics experts will work with you to implement the right solution to create value for your business. We can help you to create a bespoke digital transformation strategy to realise your vision, whilst maximising agility, scalability and operational efficiency across your organisation.

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