SUEZ Project Highlights

  • By gaining access to their entire infrastructure, both legacy and live, SUEZ has increased visibility to billions of lines of data.
  • With the deployment of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, SUEZ is able to provide its partners with access to information that enhances their own data analysis and reporting processes.
  • Adopting an API-based integration strategy, SUEZ benefits from increased asset reusability, self efficacy and delivery speed, whilst significantly reducing IT overheads.

The Company

Part of the global SUEZ group, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK (SUEZ)  employs over 5,000 people across 300 locations. Since it was established in the UK in 1988, the company has delivered innovative and environmentally-responsible solutions for the waste generated by households and businesses. SUEZ provides its services to local authorities and more than 30,000 private sector customers throughout the country. Over the course of a year, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK handles over 10 million tons of waste.

The Opportunity

Creating value from waste material is a complex business. SUEZ has to manage all the complexity associated with being a logistics business, a manufacturer, a power station operator and a service industry. They are part of complex value chains with a large number of internal and external transactions which translate into millions of data points across the business.

Many of the larger private sector customers they serve, in addition to their municipal clients, rely on SUEZ to provide them with data for their sustainability and environmental reporting – or the triple bottom line. Moreover, the circular economy concept makes SUEZ an integral part of some customers’ supply chains who need data to inform their decision-making processes, sometimes in real-time.


  • Inconsistent customer experiences
  • Erratic service levels
  • Data inaccuracies inhibiting effective decision making and customer support
  • Limited documentation for existing integrations
  • Legacy systems integration using Sonic ESB and Sonic MQ
  • Implementation of custom point-to-point code in Java
  • Limited adaptability to change or scale
  • Longer development cycle times, less reuse
  • Overhead in application maintenance and support
  • Legacy on premise systems did not support cloud

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The Solution

In May 2016, SUEZ asked WHISHWORKS to run a discovery workshop to understand the business and technical requirements. Based on the findings, WHISHWORKS was able to design an API-led reference architecture based on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.

WHISHWORKS created a 3-layered architectural model based on MuleSoft’s best practice, to seamlessly connect SUEZ’s internal and external applications:

The System Layer utilises MuleSoft out of the box connectors and APIs exposed by internal systems (eg ERP, BI etc) to pull/push data based on near real-time or event triggered activities. It transforms the data where necessary, to enable utilisation by the process or experience layer APIs.

The Process Layer routes and transforms the data from the business systems, utilising the business process logic.

The Experience Layer connects to web and mobile applications with role-based access control and provides data validation and security so that each external system gets only eligible data.

This 3-layer architecture provides loose-coupling that gives SUEZ the ability to replace any downstream systems or integrate new, without impacting the overall integration. Most of the APIs are self-contained and make use of micro-services patterns.

Key integrations

  • 2 ERP systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Materials Management
  • Incident Management
  • Delivery & Collection
  • Weight Management
  • Customer Portal
  • E – Commerce
  • Sub-contractor Management

The Result

Throughout the implementation, WHISHWORKS has been working side by side with SUEZ, helping speed up the integration process across the different systems of the organisation and make the most out of their infrastructure and their data:

A truly connected business – By implementing an API-based integration strategy, SUEZ was able to eliminate data inconsistencies, streamline the flow of information from millions of data points, and speed up access to business-critical information for both internal and external stakeholders.

Reusable assets – WHISHWORKS have built business functionalities and exposed them as APIs. These APIs follow a canonical data model approach making them as generic as possible and allow business applications to subscribe to the APIs and re-use the assets. With an increasing number of systems in the enterprise, reuse becomes paramount to accelerate delivery and to scale. 

Operational efficiencies – By gaining visibility and getting the correct data out of the different systems within their ecosystem, SUEZ was able to optimise numerous operations, including route planning, fleet management, service management, delivery and collection and many more. The success of the integration as depicted in the operational efficiencies gained and the ROI has made this implementation a benchmark for the SUEZ Group.

At SUEZ, we believe society is at the dawn of a resource revolution and that technology has a huge role to play in creating a more sustainable future. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform gave us the much-needed connectivity and tools to unify and accelerate our efforts to collect, analyse and share information. WHISHWORKS has been there from the beginning not only ensuring seamless implementation and deployment, but also working as part of our team to help us turn data into digital assets, and dramatically accelerate the pace of innovation and change not only for the company but also for our customers.

Matt Rogers – Suez

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