HR Software Integration

The Company

The client is an expert Talent Acquisition and Management firm (the Firm), offering innovative solutions and services across the employee lifecycle from recruitment to succession planning. Their solutions have been implemented by companies all around the world.

The Challenge

Over the years, the Firm has amassed multiple legacy systems across geographies, connected with point-to-point integrations, which created numerous problems both for their own operation but also for their customers, including:

  • Time consuming and labour intensive sharing of data due to limited connectivity and lack of data mapping and synchronisation (for example, new job roles would have to be posted manually in each different system and application)
    Lack of real-time visibility caused delays and prevented our client from being proactive
  • The Firm was looking for an integration solution that would help them address a number of connectivity challenges both within the organisation and with customers and 3rd party solutions like WorkDay, HireView, Ascendify etc.

After evaluating different solutions, the Firm selected an API-led approach and MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and invited WHISHWORKS to implement it.

The Solution

WHISHWORKS performed an initial discovery phase in order to chart the client’s existing infrastructure and current and future connectivity requirements. Based on the findings, WHISHWORKS developed an architectural design with Anypoint Platform as the middleware integrating the various internal and external systems and applications, and identified the APIs that would need to be developed. APIs are exposed from the Anypoint Platform and governed by the API Manager.

During the implementation, WHISHWORKS created connectors for each system that Anypoint Platform would connect to, with reusability in mind. WHISHWORKS also designed and deployed the APIs in a way that would enable internal and external end-users to add and remove applications, as well as update governance parameters based on their needs.

WHISHWORKS took advantage of the high availability and scalability of CloudHub, the platform as a service (PaaS) component of Anypoint Platform, to automate the deployment process of APIs on AWS, in a way that the Firm can on board new accounts on demand with minimum effort.

Finally, WHISHWORKS applied a common reusable framework for auditing and error handling that helped the Firm deliver customer projects much faster.

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The Result

The implementation of Anypoint Platform by WHISHWORKS, dramatically improved the way the Firm brings value to its customers and partners:

  • The on-boarding process for hundreds of new customers on a yearly basis, has become significantly easier and faster, thanks to the automated multitenant deployment capabilities enabled by WHISHWORKS.
  • Internal and external end users across regions can easily and securely access systems and resources with near real-time visibility to information.
  • With fast data access, the Firm is able to improve its solutions and services, and how it delivers its customer experience.
  • By easily developing and reusing APIs through Anypoint Platform, the Firm streamlines the development process and cuts time to market for its services.
  • Human errors, duplication of effort and time consuming manual processes have significantly reduced improving performance and enabling more productive partner and customer relationships.

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