The promise of APIs

  • Written By Coforge-Salesforce BU
  • 18/05/2016

Time to share one of my best experiences at MuleSoft Summit, this time in London – it’s a great experience being part of the event and the electrifying energy  only served to fuel our enthusiasm, and the curiosity of the rest of the crowd for understanding the technology being showcased.

I’ve been talking about MuleSoft stories for long time now, but one thing I am increasingly learning, is that companies are becoming ever more  futuristic and focused on paving the way for technology that digitally transforms the lives of their customers.

One of the stories I loved at the event was hearing about Tesla. Elon Musk is a man of the future and he’s thinking about things we can barely conceptualise; for example, have you read the recent story of their Hyperloop? Elon’s ideas are purely driven by technology and looking at how it can be used to improve our live. Who else dares to dream about Mars being our second home in the next decade?

I was even more surprised to find out that my Boss owns a part of this great story? Which part, you ask? I bet your mind jumps to some gizmo or gadget built to entertain, but no – it’s Tesla car keys and let me tell you; they’re revolutionary.

Now before you jump up and down shouting that I promised a story about MuleSoft, I’m certainly not selling the car – simply highlighting functionality of those keys. From remote sensing and activation, to enhanced control and security, those little keys are a wonder of modern technology, and it’s all made possible through API-­led connectivity

If you’re not lucky enough to own a Tesla (and indeed, many of us are far from it!), let me talk something which are you will be more familiar with; the Airline industry. Did you know that they use their own walled ­off system for reservations, booking a ticket and seating, but are now making all the data available to the partners like Lowcost Travel, Teletext, Expedia to drive new revenues?

These firms are realising the value in their data, in opening it to the world, and consequently are seeing the because incremental revenue and competitor beating advantages of an API strategy.  Think of the company Uber, yet another fine example of a company leveraging APIs, who have experienced growth across 54 countries in 2 years.

If there’s one thing I learn at the summit, it’s that the great pioneers of technology, the Elon Musk’s of the world, are using technology in new and creative ways. They see the world as a series of possibilities; possibilities which are opened through the use of APIs.

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